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Little Wonder Products

More Air Power... Less Man Power!
Little Wonder Optimax Blowers

All New Optimax Maximum Output BlowerLittle Wonder Optimax blowers put you in control. With the Remote Chute Deflector Control located at your fingertips, you’ll control the patented split air-stream discharge. Now move leaves and debris with unmatched air power more easily, without stopping. The steel housing design and self-propelled options, steel transport bracket for easy hauling, and larger discharge opening make Little Wonder the only walk-behind blower to consider. Blowers are available in Push, and Self-Propelled models. All Little Wonder blowers are backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

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Optimax Blowers
Optimax Blowers
Optimax Blowers
Optimax Blowers
Optimax Blowers
Optimax Blowers
Optimax Blowers
Optimax Blowers
Optimax Blowers
Optimax Blowers
Optimax Blowers


Split-stream air deflector moves debris piles quickly and efficiently.
Remote adjust sets the deflector for conditions, to get the proper wall of air for the job; quickly changes from side to front discharge. See it in action!

2 adjustable air streams create a powerful and constant wall of air. The lower stream gets the leaves moving, and the upper stream prevents "blow-back" leaves or debris curling back to the operator.

Blower Advantages
bullet Square discharge chute is designed for a broader air pattern.
bullet Advanced impeller design for maximum air flow; gets the job done faster!
bullet Continuously welded all-steel housing for strength and durability
bullet Ergonomic, height-adjustable handle with anti-vibration grip
bullet Optional Swivel Wheel Kit for 360° turning.
bullet Industry-leading 5-year warranty.

More Air Power, Less Man Power.
Clean Up with Little Wonder Wheeled Blowers.

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