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Little Wonder Products

14HP Talon TruckLoader

This Little Wonder TruckLoader puts a 14HP helper at the back of your truck. With the 8" intake this unit will pick up leaves and debris and load them all day long, especially in tough conditions. We put all of the features you want into a smaller easy to use unit. Built for commercial use, this model has high airflow for performance, a tough impeller, an easy to use intake, plus we made it serviceable so it will last. See the Little Wonder 14HP TruckLoader in action!

14HP Shredding TruckLoader
14HP Shredding TruckLoader
14HP Shredding TruckLoader
14HP Shredding TruckLoader
14HP Shredding TruckLoader
14HP Shredding TruckLoader


Feature1 Housing cover opens wide for easy access
Feature2 Talon shredding ring compacts material
Feature3 Advanced efficient fan
Feature4 Common hardware so one tool opens housing, and removes discharge chute
Feature5 New materials are lighter, stronger, abrasion resistant
Feature6 8" intake hose; clear, flexible, smooth interior
Feature7 Housing liner wears better than iron; absorbs noise
Feature8 7" discharge; lighter weight, fast airflow
Feature9 Discharge chute liner extends life
Feature10 Standard skid mount; all mounts plug into base unit
Feature11 Receiver hitch mount is efficient and easy to manage
Feature11 Swing away mount; for one-man operation
Feature11 Low oil sensor, remote oil drain, dual stage air cleaner – make it easy to maintain and protect your TruckLoader

Collect, condense and transport loads of leaves and other
debris with these powerhouse debris loaders from Little Wonder.

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