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Little Wonder Products

16HP & 18HP Talon TruckLoaders

Little Wonder 16HP and 18HP Talon TruckLoaders will remove and condense large amounts of leaves, thatch and other debris. Our debris loaders help you and your crew get the job done quickly and economically! You can count on Little Wonder TruckLoaders to make short work of debris clean up... saving you time – so you’ll make more money!

16HP & 18HP Shredding TruckLoaders
16HP & 18HP Shredding TruckLoaders
16HP & 18HP Shredding TruckLoaders
16HP & 18HP Shredding TruckLoaders


Feature1 Rugged Construction; rugged, heavy gauge, all-steel construction makes the Little Wonder TruckLoader an armor-plated tank compared to the competition.
Feature2 Advanced impeller and housing design for superior suction.
Feature3 Exclusive shredding talon ring and advanced impeller design provide exceptional shredding action.
Feature4 Swing away, Stake body, Skid mount, and trailer. Class III Hitch required for optional swing-away mount.

The impeller housing takes the most abuse of any truck loader component and is protected with an easily replaceable heavy-gauge steel liner.

Feature6 Open frame design provide ample strength and support for the truck loader while allowing the user to get to the engine when they need to.
Feature7 Exclusive housing front panel design allows the user to simply loosen two knobs and lift the intake hose from the housing.
Feature8 Safety Lockout switch on the intake keeps the engine from starting when the intake is removed.
Feature9 Advanced impeller and housing design smooth the air path and significantly reduce noise.
Feature10 The only nozzle design available that puts the intake flush with the ground while the hose is flat. Plus, 2 widely separated handles allow user more leverage while targeting debris.
Feature11 Rotate the chute 360° without any tools. Simply loosen two knobs!

Collect, condense and transport loads of leaves and other
debris with these powerhouse debris loaders from Little Wonder.

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