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Little Wonder Products

High-quality craftsmanship... rugged, dependable hedge trimmers

Our high-quality hedge trimmers have been the choice of landscaping professionals for decades. Our blades last longer and require less sharpening than blades typically found on the lower-priced homeowner-grade hedge trimmers. You won’t find a more durable hedge trimmer on the market, than Little Wonder hedge trimmers.

Electric Hedge Trimmers - Single Edge
Electric Hedge Trimmers – Double Edge
Gas Hedge Trimmer – Single Edge

Hedge Trimmer Models:

Electric Hedge Trimmers

These lightweight, designed-for-comfort electric hedge trimmers feature double reciprocating blades for faster, fatigue-free trimming and sculpting. Blades are stamped, thru-hardened carbon tool steel to maintain a sharp edge longer than other steel blades.

Bullet Electric Single Edge Hedge Trimmers
Bullet Electric Double Edge Hedge Trimmers

A customer testimonial on our Electric Hedge Trimmers:

In 1961 my father bought a Model 30 for his landscaping business; then in 1982 I bought another 30 inch (Cat. #D-2000). Both are still serviceable. Recently I bought a model 3010 for my landscaping company, since I wanted the safety of the quick-stop feature.

Your electric hedge trimmers are by far the best! Considering the many manufacturers that I have dealt with during my thirty-two years in business, your company is the only one for which I have total brand loyalty. Keep up the good work!
Emil G - MA

Gas Hedge Trimmer

This precision balanced hedge trimmer gives you clean, effortless cuts with total control in any position. For dependable performance in a gas trimmer that goes anywhere and will last a lifetime, this is your hedge trimmer.

Bullet Gas Single Edge Hedge Trimmers
Bullet Hedge Trimmer Model Chart
Bullet Hedge Trimmer Accessories
Bullet Hedge Trimmer Warranty
EdgersVacuumsBed Prep

Check out our Grounds Maintenance and Debris Handling equipment...

Edgers & Trimmers
These contractor-tough time savers are as rugged as they are easy to operate.

Debris & Leaf Vacuums
Easily and efficiently remove leaves and litter from lawns and hard surfaces with our state-of-the-art vacuum systems!

Reshape and redefine beds with the BedShaper® from Little Wonder. You'll create clean, sharp edges, even "S" curves, at up to 100' per minute!

Pro Vac Debris Vacuums
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