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Little Wonder Products

The Leaf & Debris Vacuum Cleans A.S.A.P – any surface, any place!

The Little Wonder High Performance Vacuum clears and collects stones, bottles, cans, leaves, and other debris that would normally have to be swept up by hand. This vacuum has superior suction and airflow resulting from a reverse-angled impeller and unique scrolled housing design. Our design funnels airflow and material down into the bag, resulting in less dust for the operator. The top-loading bag compacts better than other leaf and debris vacs. Excellent for residential cleanup, industrial applications, commercial sites and parking lots.

Learn more about the the NEW vac model featuring a new Vanguard engine.

See the Little Wonder High Performance Vac in action.

Vacuums are backed by a 2-Year Warranty.


Clears and collects stones, bottles, cans, debris and other material that would normally have to be swept up by hand.
Best reduction ratio - reduces debris better than the competition
Nozzle height automatically adjusts - no need to stop the engine and change height settings to avoid 'scalping' and 'digging in' on rough terrain
Unique Debris Collection bag - dust direction system reduces clouding;
redirects dust away from operator; bag is easy to unload
Less noise - advanced impeller design and welded steel housing
for "smoother air flow"
Saves valuable time and man-power resources
The best debris vacuums available anywhere!

High Performance Vac
High Performance Vac
High Performance Vac
High Performance Vac
High Performance Vac

A Customer Testimonial...

Last year, I raked leaves at least three times and spent the better part of a day each time doing this Fall chore. I could have raked more often but frustration got the better part of me. This year, I thought to myself; I'm gonna get smart and find a power tool that will make this chore easier and quicker. I was stunned to see how well built this machine actually is! It was way superior to anything else I've ever seen! I can't wait to see my neighbors looks while they rake and I vacuum. Anyway, I had to write to tell you how excited I am to have had the opportunity to purchase this instead of an inferior machine. Thanks for making such a terrific product.
Robert Z. – New Jersey

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