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Little Wonder Products

High Performance Vac

The Little Wonder High Performance Vac features a new Vanguard engine! The engine features a cast iron sleeve, dual ball bearings support the forged crankshaft, low oil sensor, and a dual element air cleaner for commercial durability. The Transportguard™ system shuts off fuel flow when the ignition is shut off to protect the engine from oil/fuel dilution during transport. Plus, this is the only EPA-certified engine in its class that features a 1" diameter crankshaft.

The Little Wonder High Performance vac is backed by a 2-Year Warranty.



Feature1 Superior Suction is the result of our advanced impeller and housing design.
Feature2 Best Reduction Ratio, because of our exclusive five bladed, reverse inclined fan the High Performance Vac performs better than the competition.
Feature3 Nozzle height automatically adjusts to avoid scalping and “digging in” on rough terrain, without having to stop the engine to change height settings. Height adjustments range from .75 to 3 inches. Nozzle width is 29".
Feature4 Precision Balance, whether the bag’s full or empty, the HPV is easy to push and maneuver with its 10” front and large 13” rear all-pneumatic tires.
Feature5 The cyclonic separator and exclusive 8 bushel bag design make for easy unloading and extend bag life. A unique dust direction system reduces clouding by re-directing dust to ground level - away from the user's face.
Feature6 Lowest Noise, advanced impeller and welded steel housing for “smoother air flow”.
Feature7 Heavy duty steel tubing, continuously welded housing. Polypropylene nozzle. (Replaceable housing liner available; see model chart)
High Performance Vac
High Performance Vac
High Performance Vac
High Performance Vac
High Performance Vac

Quickly clear and collect stones, bottles, cans, leaves
and other debris with this high performance debris vacuum
from Little Wonder.

Take the drudgery out of raking leaves with a Little Wonder leaf vacuum. Leaves are vacuumed and mulched all in one step. Use the mulched leaves to help improve soil quality in your garden, or add them to your compost pile. Mulched leaves result in far fewer bags of leaves at the curb than whole leaves!

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