Little Wonder AgVac

Mucking Stables and Pens Made Faster and Efficient

  • A faster way to muck out stalls and livestock pens!
  • The Little Wonder agricultural vacuums waste into a self-contained debris loader.
  • Compact size is designed for mucking barns, coops, and pens in aisles as narrow as 6 feet.
  • Dual-hose manifold lets two stable hands work simultaneously.
  • Fixed dump bed angle lets gravity help offload waste and bedding into the manure pile or dumpsite.
  • Monstrous power makes cleaning equine and livestock barns and stalls easier. 

AgVac 5S Agricultural Vacuum Features

  • 14” housing manifold accommodates dual hoses and increased productivity, clearing more waste in less time
  • Dual 15’ hoses feature anti-friction, anti-clog smooth-bore interiors, for uninterrupted work
  • 5-yard capacity
  • Top-vented with felt bags for increased filtration
  • Square stack for superior airflow; virtually eliminates clogging that round stacks allow
  • 65° Fixed dump bed angle allows gravity to help offload materials
  • Barn-style double rear doors with sidewall door latches secure doors when open for offloading

Little Wonder AgVac specifications

Model No.  82965-04AVS
Engine  Briggs & Stratton Vanguard
Engine Power  29HP
Fuel Capacity, gal (l)  / Fuel Type  6 (22.7) / Gasoline
Emissions Compliance  EVAP/49-state
Hitch Class Requirements (min)  Class III
Hitch Type, in (cm)  Ball Coupler
Starter  Electric
Impeller Mount / Drive  Taper Lock Hub / Direct
Impeller Diameter, in (cm)  / Type  19.75 (50.2) / Straight 
Impeller Blades, in (cm)  6 (15.2)
Housing Liners, in (mm)  1/4 (6.4) Steel
Housing Manifold, in (cm)  14 (35.6)
Dual Intake Hose Diameter, in (cm)  x Length, ft (m)  8 (20.3) x 15 (4.6)
Tire/Wheel  ST225/75
Filter Bags 2
Container Type  5-Yard Gravity Dump Trailer
Container Dimensions L x W x H, ft (m)  8 x 5 x 6 (2.4 x 1.5 x 1.8)
Container Dump Angle / Type  65° / Fixed
Container Doors  Double barn doors (rear) with sidewall door latches
Assembled Dimensions L x W x H, in (cm)  173 x 67 x 88 (440 x 170 x 224)
Dry Weight, lbs (kg)  2,210 (1,002)
Certified for On-Road Use  No